SIP Valves are reusable but should be replenished after 10 installs or every 30 days.

How to SIP your drink

Submerge, then SIP

Make sure to put the straw into your drink BEFORE putting it into the valve.

After taking a SIP

Between sips, pull the straw out of the valve, not your drink. Keep the straw in your drink at all times.

Put the straw in and out of the valve as you would normally use a straw with your mouth....insert and remove it for each sip.   Don’t leave the straw just hanging in the valve unless actively sipping, and do not inhale or exhale while letting the straw dangle in the valve.

How NOT to sip

Never leave the straw in the valve with the other end exposed to air. That's just a straight shot for unfiltered air to come into your mouth!

SIP your drink, not the air!

  • As you insert the straw into the valve, part your lips and brace them against the valve’s soft inner ring.

    You'll get the hang of it in a couple minutes!

  • Start with the provided 4mm straws. They're intentionally thin to help you get used to aiming through the valve. Once you're used to it, feel free to use wider straws (up to 6mm).